Working Like a Workaholic

We all know how it is, in advertising. At least the people who’ve had the fortune of being a part of the industry.

But isn’t there a fine line that we’ve all crossed, over the years? The fine line which tells you if you’re passionate or simply slave workers. I think we crossed that line way back, when the agency commissions dropped from 15% to an all-time low of, may be, even 5%. The pressure of performance was relentlessly passed on to the junior-most teams, and brand new recruits started being treated like ponies, aimlessly being heralded into slavery, having to burn the once-glorious midnight oil.

The more I think about this transit from what it used to be, the more I worry about the content of advertising, today. We’ve forgotten the humour. The carefree banter. The occasional coffee breaks in the glass corridors. The drunken binges before the mightiest of pitches.

“The best ideas come as jokes. Make your thinking as funny as possible.”

David Ogilvy, The man, told us where to look for, for the best ideas. And here we are, so far away from it.